Artist: Patrícia Pinto
Website: patriciapinto

As promised, here’s the second interview to celebrate 5W+1H’s first anniversary. This one’s with Patrícia Pinto, from Portugal. With focus on graphic design, illustration and packaging, she makes detailed paper cut illustrations, creating distinct designs. From her portfolio, “Guimarães City Guide” and “Oporto City” are a must-see. I hope you have enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and good night!


Patrícia Pinto, 25 years old.

I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

Anytime, but I prefer to work at night.


I live in Oporto and work in my house. Sometimes I like to take my materials and choose a nice place to work in the city.

Since I was a kid, I loved to draw and explore my creativity and I always knew that I wanted to do something related to arts. I’m graduated in graphic design and I love to work in this area but, besides that, illustration is something that fascinates me. I have learned different techniques and I fell in love for one in particular – paper cutting. I love how the illustration appears in the middle of the cuts. It’s something quite magical for me. I need to be really patient and careful, but it’s something that gives me much pleasure to make. Besides that, I also love to mix graphic design and illustration. These are two working areas with so much in common… and complete each other in a certain way, allowing us to get great results.

I always start with research. After some brainstorming I decide what I want to do and start sketching. When I have the final and concrete idea, I transfer the sketch to the selected paper and then I finally start cutting out. The drawings need to be really well executed thought, as every part needs to be connected to another. When I’m cutting out the paper I have to be extremely careful – one wrong cut can ruin the whole work. This process takes hours and hours but, in the end, it’s totally worth the effort.


Find Patrícia Pinto here:
Portfolio: patriciapinto