Artist: Tyler Warren

This interview comes with a delay. Tyler e-mailed me the answers in 2012 but I kept it on hold. With Tyler’s permission I selected some images from his website and now here you have it in full. Tyler Warren is a young artist, shaper and surfer, from California. If you’re into surfing, in or outside the US, there’s a good chance you probably have heard of him already and maybe even watched his surf film “Tyler Warren Experiments”. If not, this is a good starting point.

Tyler Warren, age 26.

I enjoy making an idea come to life weather its painting, shaping, designing, or surfing.

My best productivity tends to be in the morning or night, or when the waves are not good.  I tend to Multi task in the early stages of a piece, then focus in on one at the end.

I live in San Juan Capistrano in Southern California, and currently shape in Dana Point and work from home.  I am in the process of building a shaping room and studio in my back yard.

It’s what I love and have always wanted to do.

Oil on canvas, pen on paper, polyester foam, house paint, paint pens, and fiber glass. I usually start a piece with a small sketch, then evolve it from there.  I enjoy shooting photographs, or finding reference material of what I am looking to create. My uncle (an illustrator and oil painter) always told me to work out your drawings.

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