Artist: Yasmeen Ismail

Yasmeen tells us she has a love for inks, paints and watercolours, and alongside with that comes the interest in collage, design, paper craft and typography. Her beautiful illustrations (and animations) bring to life charming characters and lively backgrounds, with a cheery expression resulting from the brushes’ strokes, colour palette and watery effects. See beyond the brushes, I say!

Yasmeen Ismail… 31 years old.

I illustrate! and before that I animated and directed… although I can still animate but illustrating is taking up a lot of time! Right now I am mainly working on children’s books but I also do editorial and packaging and whatever else anyone wants to throw at me!

I prefer to be very regular with my work day. I come into my studio in the morning and I leave about 6 or 7 in the evening. I like spending time with my husband and my cat and I don’t like irregular hours. I prefer to move with the crowd on that one. I also think it’s healthier and gives me more control over my day. As a freelancer it is easy to slip out of control with time and to work too long or not long enough and to put off things. If I work at the same times as anyone in a regular office job I don’t feel guilty about taking time off. It’s really about balance for me. I can work hard and long hours, but if I can achieve and also have a life outside of the studio then I think that is mentally healthier.

I live in Camden in North London, which is very nice and central and I work in Shoreditch in East London, which is fantastic. I love both areas and enjoy the differences between them. Just London in general is my favourite city in the world… so far!

Having actually found something that I enjoy and that I am good at is a real motivator. I am very ambitious and I want to fulfill my every potential. I am very aware of the fact that we really only live once. I have learned some hard lessons in the past and I came to a realisation that in order to do my best all that I have to do is work hard… and that in itself is very very satisfying. I am quite competitive too and enjoy winning! Not the best trait when playing chess, but not bad when getting through life!

I tend to work with watercolours the most. But I also enjoy all sorts of paint and pens and pencils. In time I will be a little more adventurous. I think if I had more work space I could start experimenting more with other mediums, but right now I am in a little desk space… poor excuse right! Oh well maybe I will find the space and time and stop making excuses!

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