Cristobal Urrea
Artist: Cristóbal Urrea
Location:Santiago, Chile
Website: flickr

Who are you, where are you from?

Well, i’m Cristóbal Urrea, a freelance illustrator and a student of animation and digital arts from Santiago, Chile

What do you do?
I’m always drawing things that come to my mind, trying to make my illustrations just like i imagined it. Ah, and go to college fo finish my digital artist degree.

Why do you do it?
It’s a great scape from reality, stress and other annoying things. I really think that this is better than any pill.

Cristobal Urrea

How do you create these images?

Usually i draw a little sketch on any paper when a interesting image comes to my mind, then i mix it with other things, create a good composition and when i have a clear picture of mis “mix” of images, i start drawing the final illustration.

Who are your influences?
I have two kinds of influences, artistic influences and life influences, the first ones are Jordan Debney, Albrecht Durer, Alex Pardee, Dan Mumford, Salvador Dalí, James Patradoon and Dave Kloc, i spend a lot of time watching their work. In the second ones, Loreto Riveros who was my teacher (and a awesome artist) a few years ago, she taught me how to be patient, to focus my ideas and to never give up in my dreams, my other life influence is my father, for me he is the greatest man in the planet.

What inspires your work?
Almost everything, but animal anathomy and body expresions are really inspiring.

How does the place you live impact upon your work?

Well, here in Santiago i go almost everywhere walking, so i have a lot of time to think, watch buildings, people, animals and how everything interacts and mix together, like a huge blender.

Cristobal Urrea

What do you like?
I like cinnamon tea, robots, dogs, a beer with friends, beetroots and carrots (specially their color), take a long walk with music, sunny days, play videogames, anathomy books, tattoo culture and i love daydreaming.

What don’t you like?
I don’t like perfume, the movies where a dog dies (that also makes me cry), elevators, babies (but that’s because they hated me first!), scarfs, when my girlfriend sneeze (always scare me) and this is gonna sound weird, but i don’t like to sleep.

Find Cristóbal Urrea here:

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