Artist: Creasion
Location: Lancaster, California

Who are you, where are you from?
I go by the name Creasion, oddball extraordinaire from the middle of the desert, Lancaster, CA.

What do you do?
I cook up visual vocabulary for eyes to feed on, some people say i’m an artist and an Illustrator too.

Why do you do it?
To keep sane, to scratch that itch in my hand. Simply because I love to, no matter how much it consumes my life.

How does the place you live impact upon your work?
I live in the middle of the desert so painting is like a shamanistic ritual, there’s nothing here but tumbleweeds and Joshua trees so your mind starts to wander off on some weird tangents. Creasion


How do you create these images?
With delirium and watercolor.

Who are your influences?
Those are top secrets, a lot of the artists I follow on instagram give me aspects to draw from, that and all the weird creatures I see in my dreams.

What inspires your work?
Daily situations people encounter dashed with a bit of mysticism, topped off with aspects of native cultures throughout the world.


What do you like?
Earth tones, dark art, folk art, mopeds, instagram and other than that sleep (it’s my time machine into the future)

What don’t you like?
Being lazy,when your eating really good food but too full to finish it, the word swag, yolo and my constant lack of sleep.

Find Creasion’s work here:

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