Artist: Pixelkaiju
Website: www.pixelkaiju.com

Pixelkaiju makes amazing colourful Creatures… we asked him a few questions.

Who are you?
I’m Pixelkaiju..fresh hungry illustrator from the Netherlands!

What do you do?
I draw stuff.. That’s the short version. I currently live in the limbo between off and online.

When daylight breaks, I spend my time as an online art director, but as soon as opportunity lets me, I grab out my markers or Wacom tablet and start slapping some illustration on random stuff.

Why do you do it?
Why? For the love of it! Been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil.. I probably drew before that, but my years as a kid are a bit blurry (fell of the swing one too many times perhaps?)


Who are your influences?
I think Comics in general. Yeah, those influenced me most. Loved comic artist like Erik Larsen, Tod McFarlane, Mark Bagley and Jim Lee. Later on I broadened my perspective to more artistic folk. First of of course artists like Dali, Escher and H.R. Giger.

What inspires your work?
Cartoons and life in general (excuse the generic answer.. but it’s a fact). Old Godzilla movies, Cartoons and toys from the eighties.


What do you like?
Owh.. a wide array of things. Let’s start with American Wrestling. Something about the theatrical fakefighting combined with overacting. That really gets to me. We all should have that weird freaky hobby nobody likes to talk about, or feels awkward telling to his friends. Apart from oiled up guys I like comics, toys, webdesign, social media, music, fashion, girls.

I’m a pretty average dude. Love life and living it!

What don’t you like?
Bad weather.. Brrrr.. They should banish snow from the planet. Altough I kinda know that would cause for some environmental issues and I am pretty fond of our little planet.. so I just take in as much sunshine as I can.

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