The Creaturemag Peace Edition – Exploring Creativity through Meditation

This project is now underway, it is open for anyone to join along the way, from 13th January for three weeks. Please have a read of all the details below and if you feel connected to this then go for it. 

In January Creature founder Matt Witt embarks on a two week Creative mediation program in Thailand. As part of this project we are inviting artists to embark on their own journey to explore their creativity via meditation, then create illustrations, art, poetry, music, inspired by their experiences.

Simply put, we invite you to create art inspired by meditation or created while in a meditative state. It’s our own little way of helping ourselves and humanity.

So, I ask you, would you like to explore your creativity through meditation, for a couple of weeks? If the answer is yes, then read on….

As you may be aware, I am off to a sanctuary in Thailand on Saturday to spend two weeks exploring meditation and creativity. As part of this process I have decided to invite other artists to go on their own journey of creative and self exploration during the next three weeks.

Simply put, we invite you to create art inspired by meditation or created while in a meditative state. It’s our own little way of helping ourselves and humanity. It is a very open project, I will not be around to offer assistance in any way, we encourage you to use your own initiative, if in doubt, ask yourself !

I really look forward to seeing how you all explore this.


What’s involved?

– Primarily this is a project for you to show us “what peace looks like through the eyes of the artist”. 

– We ask you to create artwork, writing, music etc inspired by your meditation experiences, or created while in a meditative state, or inspired by themes of Peace, positivity, love, improving the world, environment, social order, evolution of human consciousness.


– We invite artists to take part in 2-3 weeks  of daily meditation (10-20 minutes, preferably more if you can) during January. The aim would be to integrate this routine into your life on a permanent basis but this is not a requirement for participation.

– I would encourage you to sign up here: and take part in the self development program via Peace Revolution (which may lead to you taking part in next years artistic meditation retreat in Thailand in 2015), the benefits of which I am trying to spread amongst my artistic friends. Please be aware that I am not promoting any religious doctrine, I am simply promoting the benefits, on a human and creative level, of developing a meditation routine.

– Keep a journal of your experience via the self development program (or privately if you’d prefer)

– These items are encouraged and recommended to get the most out of this project for yourselves and for humanity, however they are optional as we understand that not all artists will have the time to dedicate to this, plus meditation is a very personal thing and many use there own very unique techniques. Please do what you can though to research inner peace through meditation, the benefits of meditation to the creative brain as this is what this project is really all about. 

What are we looking for?

– Images, words, poetry, music, created especially for this edition of Creaturemag and inspired by your exploration into meditation.
– Images  created on themes  of peace, love, improving the world, environment, social order, evolution of human consciousness etc.

Duration / deadlines / Details

– The project runs for the duration of the retreat I am attending, plus some time after, starting on 13th January.

– All submissions should be in by 10th Feb 2014 for publication at the end of February.

– Submissions should be in the form of jpgs, or word docs if writing. A4 portrait or A3 landscape is preferable format.

– You can submit up to 5 images or 5 written pieces.
– This edition will be published in digital format via, publicised via Creaturemag and our social platforms
– All copyright remains with the artists but by submitting work you grant permission for Creature to publish your work in the Peace Edition, on our website and social platforms.

Most of all, have fun with it, it’s a unique opportunity to dedicate time to yourself and your creativity. 

Peace out!

Matt Witt