Emma Jardine

Above: Emma Jardine |  www.emmajardine.co.uk

In April we called for artwork on the Croquet theme for publication in the June edition of The Croquet Gazette. The response we received was mind blowing, what an amazing display of creative talent. A big thank you to all the artists who took the time to take part.

The Croquet Gazette is the official printed magazine for UK croquet and is read by Croquet enthusiasts throughout the country. They have kindly agreed to give us some column inches to dedicate especially to the publication of colourful, quirky Croquet themed artwork. The pieces displayed here will all be included in the June edition of the Croquet Gazette.

Well done everyone!

Emily Bakes

Above: Emily Bakes | www.emilybakesart.com

Daria Hlazatova

Above: Daria Hlazatova | www.dariasgallery.blogspot.com

Daria Hlazatova

Above: Daria Hlazatova | www.dariasgallery.blogspot.com

Melanie Chadwick

Above: Melanie Chadwick | www.melaniechadwick.com

David Blatch

Above: David Blatch | www.davidblatch.com

Yes Go Studios

Above: YesGo! Studios | yesgoillustration.wordpress.com

Liz Monahan

Above: Liz Monahan | www.lizmonahan.co.uk

Nikki Pinder

Above: Nikki Pinder | www.nikkipinder.blogspot.com