Don't live your life in comparison to others  - Thom Kofoed & Steven Jarvis
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Artist: Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis
Image title: Don’t live your life in comparison to others

Tom & Steven have tried something a little different this week. A limited edition poster…  50 available at £17 + p&p. Please email Thom to get yours.

Tom says:

‘Don’t live your life in comparison to others’ is something that I constantly repeat to myself over and over when trying to forge some sort of path in the creative world. I think living life in comparison to others is one of the unhealthiest things a person can do and yet we all do it every day, no matter our career or life choices.

I have this scrawled in the front of every notebook I’ve ever used and pinned to various pin boards throughout my house. Since collaborating with Steven this phrase is something that I have consistently pushed upon him until it has eventually become a part of his psyche also.

So, instead of having it scribbled on pieces of paper and stuck to bathroom mirrors and the inside of the plate cupboard in my kitchen we thought it would be a great idea for Steven to create a slick, minimalistic poster which could act as both a reminder and a beautiful piece of wall art. 50 available at £17 + p&p. Please email Thom to get yours.

The Inside Thoughts of Now, a collaborative project initiated by Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis. Thom writes and Steven draws. It works! The guys will be producing new investigations into their deepest inside thoughts and presenting them here every other week for the readers of Creaturemag.

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