Matt Witt - Day 11 - Labyrinth Bookshop

Matt Witt – Day 11 – Labyrinth Bookshop

Artist: Matt Witt
Project: Draw Glastonbury

I have now been drawing Glastonbury for 11 days, the aim is to complete drawing / painting of Glastonbury every day throughout August.

As each day passes I am seeing things in a different way, inspiration is everywhere, every doorway is a painting, colours are shouting at me, Glastonbury is buzzing.

I am eager to get out and draw, eager to see faces and buildings, to interact and observe my surroundings. A typical day will involve a walk through town, sometimes without intention to draw, but always armed with my sketchpad and pencil. I draw what takes me, an angle, a collection of colours, architecture, this week I went to Glastonbury open mic and drew the performers. I try to challenge myself with each image and use each one as an opportunity to experiment and develop my technique and style. I try to push myself and to draw in public as much as possible, documenting something real from my life. I want to develop a body of work that I am proud of, to enjoy drawing and to properly study and appreciate Glastonbury.

Day 8 - Simon Drew

Day 8 – Simon Drew

It’s a social experiment too; I want to see what happens to the man who draws a piece of Glastonbury everyday for a month, see where it leads me, who it brings me into contact with and how it might change my perspective on these people and places. So far it has led to some strange conversations and revealed some interesting insights; one lady who pushes a dragon around in a pram, asked me to draw her in a wizard costume. This kind of thing could only happen in Glastonbury. Just talking to people about the project has already led to a possible exhibition space, an article in the Gazette, an offer to help paint a mural; this is after 10 days, who knows what 31 will bring.

Day 7  - Tor this way!

Day 7 – Tor this way!

Draw Glastonbury is about personal development, existence, time, social interaction and becoming one with your surroundings,. It’s about giving yourself a purpose and changing the direction of your life, positively or indeed negatively. I am a creature putting my creativity to use and attempting to place myself in this little corner of Somerset. The last painting might be a self portrait.

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