Emit Bloch Interview

This interview consists of five videos…

Creaturemag’s Matt Witt and Emma Tucker recently spent the afternoon talking to lo-fi folk songwriter Emit Bloch. We were kindly invited to his house for a friendly chat about his new album, his influences and his past.

Emit Bloch has recently released an album, “Dictaphones Vol 1”. An endearing and off kilter selection of country songs recorded entirely on dictaphone cassette and released by One Little Indian. The album is raw, uncluttered and accessible, full of inventive lyrical content that contrasts the vintage sound produced by the dictaphone with more modern day references.

Emit grew up on a ranch in Utah before heading to Berkeley, California. He has more recently made his home in North London. The following interview includes discussion on, amongst other things, Emit’s Dictaphone mash-ups (rough recordings of well known songs mashed together), his new album, his views on song writing, evolution and a little delve into his past.

That is enough from us, our wonderful encounter is to be discovered in the following videos.

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pt2 – Dictaphones Vol1
pt3 – Emit on songwriting
pt4 – Emit on evolution
pt5 – Emit on his past

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