Extra Ordinary - Words by Super Mundane

By: Supermundane
Website: http://presentjoys.com

Creature was recently sent this little book of words from the publishing house “Present Joys”. A thoroughly enjoyable little read that we felt compelled to bring to light on the Creature blog…

EXTRA ORDINARY. Written & designed by Supermundane. A 20pp A6 booklet is a collection of bittersweet, touching and funny “Micro Dramas”.

EXTRA ORDINARY - Words by SupermundaneClick to enlarge.

Rob (aka Supermundane) says:

“I have been writing these for years, they just seem to pop in my head un-announced. Some are related to events that have happened to me, others are just scenes or random thoughts that just appear. I am very excited (and a little nervous) to have finally taken them out of my sketch book and to share them with the world.”

Creature thoroughly recommends getting your hands on a copy, a bargain at £3.50.  It’s pocket size too, so you can take it wherever you go. You can see extracts here: presentjoys.com/news/extra_ordinary/

You can buy EXTRA ORDINARY at the Present Joys shop for £3.50. Or if you are London-based, the wonderful Wapping Project Bookshop also stock the book.