Fearless, I will walk.  - The inside thoughts of now - Thom Kofoed & Steven Jarvis
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Artist: Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now
Image title: Fearless, I will walk.
Website: www.stevenjarvisdesign.com, thomatronics.com

Welcome to part 11 of “The Inside Thoughts of Now”, a collaborative project between writer Thom Kofoed and Illustrator Steven Jarvis. Click here to enlarge image

Thom says:

2011 is fast approaching. This is me trying to convince myself that I am ready to be even further from 1993.

I will fake it til I make it-eventually I might just believe it.

I am fearless, I am fearless, I am fearless.

Thom Kofoed

The Inside Thoughts of Now is a collaborative project initiated by Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis. Thom writes and Steven draws. It works! The guys will be producing new investigations into their deepest inside thoughts and presenting them here every other week for the readers of Creaturemag.

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