Alex Woollam

Artist: Alex Woollam
Project: Freak of the week

Welcome to Monday. Last week saw a revolution at Creature Towers. The magazine has been handed over to the people. The newly expanded Creature team consists of eager young artists, social media fiends and bloggers all itching to bring brand new content to your screens. Matt will still be around, devising great new collaborations and making sure that everything is running smoothly, so don’t fret, the world will not implode!

Over the next few weeks will introduce each one of Creatures little helpers. First up is Alex Woollam:

Who are you?
I am Alexander James Henry Woollam

What your role in the Creature team?
I take care of Creatures Tumblr page, which is soon to be revamped. I have also been known to do a bit of blogging and interacting with Creature readers via twitter.

How did you find out about Creaturemag?
I think I bumped into Matt Witt the Creature editor-in-chief in a pub somewhere in the west country, then I randomly interviewed him for a uni project a few years later. I’ve made a few submissions to creature acting as illustrator in the past.

How did you get involved?
I have no idea, its fun thou! we dig fun.

What are you thinking for breakfast?
..hmm, good question.. Bacon sandwich sounds like a crackin idea!

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