Chris Getliffe

Project: Mean Bunny Strips
Artist: Chris Getliffe

Yes, that is right, back by popular demand with a brand new series of Mean Bunny Strips is Creaturemag favourite and purveyor of all things dark and twisted… Chris Getliffe.

We have a special place reserved in our hearts for Chris and his Bunny’s and of course were overjoyed when we received the news that he planned to create a new series of his infamous Mean Bunny comic strips. We did not hesitate in reserving a space on the creature blog for him to exorcise some of his most disturbing, dark and sinister thoughts in bunny related scenarios.

For some this will be the best news you’ve had all year, for others it will be an eye opening introduction to the work of Chris Getliffe. We do hope you enjoy these strips, they are known to spark controversy, you either love ’em or hate ’em. Check out his previous series of mean bunny strips here. You will not be disappointed but you might be outraged!

We look forward to publishing more twisted thoughts form Chris over the next few weeks. Enjoy!