Artist: Mulga
Title: Al Topaz the Owltopus

Artists: Joel Moore
Project: Mulga’s Zombie Zoo

An Ode to Al Topaz the Owltopus

There once was an owl who liked to swim
In the big blue sea and it made him grin

Every time he went for a dip in that big blue sea
His heart did fill with eternal glee

One day in the Bermuda Triangle he did fly
When something got lodged in his big blue eye

To dislodge the article he dived into the ocean
Because he knew it is a magical potion

Upon entering the sea ever so refreshing
He collided with an octopus and started the meshing

At that moment some magic occurred
And as one did become that octopus and bird

And Al Topez became his name from that day
A magical Owltopus with colours so gay

The End