David Blatch Illustrations
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Artist: David Blatch
Project: The balloon that broke away
Website: www.davidblatch.com

Welcome to part IV in our adventures of the balloon that decided to grab life by the horns and pursue a life worth living.

Some of you may have noticed that David has been missing for a couple of weeks. He took a trip back to his native South Africa catching up with some friends along the way. He seems to have been somewhat inspired by this and has created this vibrant piece with the tag “your old friends are doing mad new tricks, go check em out!”.

So take heed, and re-connect with old pals, you may be happily surprised at what you find.

We wish a warm welcome back to David and his balloon that broke away.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Check out more work by David Blatch at his website: www.davidblatch.com

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