Introducing the long awaited Peace Edition of Creaturemag, click the Issuu above to view in full screen.

In early 2014 Creaturemag’s Matt Witt spent two weeks at the Peace Revolution artistic meditation retreat, at the Mooktawan Sanctuary in Thailand. 20 artists gathered to explore their inner world through meditation and create art in response to the experience.

Before he left, Matt invited Creaturemag readers to go on their own journey of self discovery, making art in response to their own meditation practice, from the comfort of their own home, or studio. The results are displayed in this Peace Edition of Creaturemag.

Featuring Peace Art from 6 artists, Nick Willis, Maggie Appleton, Natilles, Julie Vermeille, Dasomm and Yusi Chen , this edition also includes a series of drawings by Matt Witt, created in the 2 weeks following the retreat.

See all the wonderful Peace Art here: Peace Edition of Creaturemag.

 The Peace Edition