The Elephant Fish

Artists: Gonzalo Balmaceda and Michael Powell
Project: The Windy Voices of Love
Website: gonzalobalmaceda.wordpress and


The Elephant Fish

The Elephant Fish lives not underwater as you might expect
but instead within the clouds.
It lives for air and element and spends daytime
light floating in the blue sea sky.

The Elephant Fish belongs to the salted breath of hope
and adores all garments freshly washed.
It particularly adores a cloth and leaf linen mix
and calls the wind his friend and his ship.

The Elephant Fish is fluid and batter brick.
tidal and old peat lit, it moves with the river
and follows the sweep of the stars
trundling along at all times in a vibrant mix.

The Elephant Fish is patient yet fierce
timeless and beyond all trumpet call.
Its wrinkles are canyons, its fin a whole city.
Rock, sand, sound and dust all bow beneath its passage.


This is the fourth collaborative piece from Michael and Gonzalo as part of their series ‘The Windy Voices of Love’- A collection of hybrid creatures from imagination and myth written by Michael and beautifully illustrated by Gonzalo. They will be adding more of this series on Creature Mag very soon!!

Gonzalo Balmaceda is an illustrator and Graphic Designer who currently lives in Buenos Aires.

Michael Powell is an artist and writer who lives in a Cloud Gallery in Bristol.

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