The Pig Infant


Artists: Gonzalo Balmaceda and Michael Powell
Project: The Windy Voices of Love
Website: gonzalobalmaceda.wordpress and

The Pig Infant

The Pig Infant spends his evenings locked
inside a chamber of his own creation.
This is his choice; a choice that keeps the pig infant
safe from the evening and the evening safe from him.

The Pig Infant excretes in a ceremonial fashion,
as if attempting to please some pig deity, or perhaps
simply to please himself. He is very methodical
in this action, but offers no explanation for it.

The Pig Infant takes great joy in watching small birds
taking to flight. As they lift from the ground
he sways about, as if attempting this action himself.
But of course he never succeeds.

The Pig Infant is not disappointed by his lack of flight
he accepts his fate with great dignity.
And despite this, still believes in the power
and the need of personal dreams.


This is the third collaborative piece from Michael and Gonzalo as part of their series ‘The Windy Voices of Love’- A collection of hybrid creatures from imagination and myth written by Michael and beautifully illustrated by Gonzalo. They will be adding more of this series on Creature Mag very soon!!

A Merry New year to you all from both of us !

Gonzalo Balmaceda is an illustrator and Graphic Designer who currently lives in Buenos Aires.

Michael Powell is an artist and writer who lives in a Cloud Gallery in Bristol.

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