Kristopher Kotcher

Project: Who’s that Creature
Artist: Kristopher Kotcher

Last Wednesday saw the dawn of a wonderful new collaborative project here at Creaturemag… “Who’s that Creature?“. The brainchild of long-time creature contributor Ollie Stone and his new partner in crime Kris Kotcher, these guys have teamed up to create a formidable illustrating pair with only one intention… to bring you brand new inspiring creature illustrations every Wednesday.

Their new feature will introduce a selection of the drawn creatures that are spawned from the creative minds of these talented artists. We will tell you who these creatures are, what they do as well as their likes and dislikes, so you can become properly familiarised with the characters and in turn, we hope, with the illustrators themselves.

This week we hope you enjoy meeting “Ted and Mr Burger”, created by Kristopher Kotcher. Keep your eyes peeled for further installments every Wednesday.

Thanks to Ollie and Kris for their cooperation on this project and for coming up with such a wonderful idea. We hope you enjoy the show!

Find Ollie and Kris here: