Creatures by Joe Baglow

Artist: Joe Baglow
Project: Freak of the week

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your visual enjoyment we present the art of Joe Baglow…

Joe is an artist and illustrator currently living and working in South East London. He creates simplistic images in a lo-fi style using vivid blocks of colour to depict twisted, fun and intriguing images and characters clearly influenced by his early obsession with comic books and cartoons.

Adopting a range of mediums, Joe creates his own very unique images, zines, posters and t-shirts emblazoned with his eye catching and distinctive creations. Creature is particularly interested in his depctions of super heroes and warrior creatures, like the one above, the first in his series to be published on the Creature blog every week.

Joe says: “You are creating something which can be as grand as your imagination dictates. There are no limits to what you can draw, no restrictions.”

Joe is one fifth of the EFDEAY collective, a group of artists who aim to “search for fun within art and design” and who aim to draw the user in with all five senses.  “Less do it yourself, more do it with others. D.I.W.O”. Check out their site here:

Joe Graduated from Camberwell last year and is currently working on freelance projects and shows. He has agreed to join Creature in our quest to publish new and challenging art and illustration. His images will grace the pages of Creaturemag on a weekly basis every Monday, Creature is certainly looking forward to seeing what intriguing creature he will create next.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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