Emma Block

Emma Block

Emma is an illustrator and third year student living and working in london. Her work is inspired by the people she meets in my everyday life, old photos, travel and 1920s jazz. Her work is a mixture of drawing, collage and painting, giving it a freshness as well as a bit of handmade charm.

Emma says about Social media:
Social networking is very important to me. I’ve had a blog since I was 16, as well as a Flickr account, a personal website and now Twitter, which I am completely addicted to. Through twitter I have met so many wonderful illustrators, who through sharing advice and encouragement have formed a network of supportive loveliness which I am glad to be a part of.

Illustration by nature is quite a solitary thing, which is why I think meeting other illustrators on twitter is so important. I have also met a great deal of creative people who love illustration and are trying to support up and coming illustrators, and through twitter I have come across so many opportunities, open briefs, competitions and other good things.

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Jenny Robins

Jenny Robins

Jenny Robins is an illustrator, painter of birds and soon to be qualified art teacher. She was recently featured in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration and has done a lot of live sketching from fashion shows and concerts.

Jenny says about social media
My facebook project (I’m drawing all of my friends in alphabetical order) has been really great, it’s my sneaky little way of getting my name out there in the feeds of the nation and it’s a lovely fun project also.

I’ve  made so many good contacts through being on twitter and blogging (mostly pimping the latter on the former I suppose as well as on facebook), I’ve got paid work, less paid work and been involved with exciting collaborative projects.Always good for knowing what’s going on in the world as I don’t read the papers.

It’s a bit like trying to network at a party – except without that awkward bit. Or that bit when you say something inappropriate because you drank too much free wine. Except when you tweet from parties where you have had too much free wine, about how you feel awkward. So in summary, it is like real life, but better.

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Kerry Hyndman
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Kerry Hyndman

Kerry is an Illustrator and Designer based in London. She studied Fine Art in Newcastle and completed an MA in Illustration at Kingston uni. She enjoys being up mountains and on the sea.

Kerry says about social media:
It took a while for me to be convinced twitter was a good idea, I didn’t think I had anything worth tweeting. But having taken the plunge I am now totally addicted and busy trying to get all my illustrator friends to sign up.

For a freelancer working from home with just my cat for company can be a lonely existence. Its nice to able to log on to twitter and know that there are other people out there in the same situation as you. Twitter is great for sharing inspiration, discovering new work and finding out about exhibitions, submissions and what’s going on in the creative world. I find its a vital tool for promoting my work, and especially my screen prints and products on my online shop. I love the way you can put something out there and it can get carried away deep into the world of twitter eventually resulting in a sale or new contact!

Twitter is also a perfect tool to contacting those companies or people that would otherwise be unreachable. People are so much more likely to respond to a short message on twitter then reply to a neatly presented, well considered email. For me it makes these companies seem more human and approachable.

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Thanks to this weeks three tweeting illustrators. As well as being talented visual communicators they all make good use of social media (not just twitter), self initiated projects and blogging to promote themselves and their work. All very talented and proactive people.

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