Matthew Knight

Artist: Matthew Knight
Website: Flickr

Who are you?
I be Matthew Knight creator of all sorts of oddness! I’m a combination of serious and not so serious!

What do you do?
I paint on all sorts of surfaces that I collect from all sorts of places. I search far and wide to find interesting pieces of woods, metals and objects to paint on. I try to create characters that have all the detail in them that you could need.

Why do you do it?
Cos I want to. Being creative is the closest I’ll ever come to understanding faith of a religious nature.

Also working in offices for 5 years sucked the life outta me and I never wanna work as a full time zombie again for some devil in disguise company that really has no usefulness being on this planet whatsoever, namely call centres, serviced offices and financial companies. I bet there’s plenty out there that can relate to that.

Matthew Knight

Who are your influences
People I’ve known,cultures I’ve experienced, things I’ve read and art I’ve seen. Some examples are; my Granny(a wise artist who’s taught me plenty about it),Parents, growing up in Pakistan, Islamic art, Comics(all sorts), Alponse Mucha, Masamune Shirow, Juxtapoz, New Scientist, Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden and so on. If I kept going you’d fall asleep

What inspires your work?
A combination of a whole lot of experiences. Creativity, confusion, chaos and alienation are the main antagonists inside of me that I’ve dealt with growing up.

Matthew Knight

What do you like?
Cheese, grapefruits, vegemite, food in general basically, exploring abandoned places, travelling, spending time with my girlfriend Rachel and doodling. I seriously recommend doodling to any aspiring artists out there. Its the only time when the majority of artists don’t hold themselves back with the constraints which we all impose on ourselves

What don’t you like?
Bankers bonuses, Religious dogma, ignorance to all things Science(don’t even get me started on that), Pâté, also never ever eat the French speciality according to my cousin that is pig intestines cooked in tripe (you have been warned) and last but most importantly; anything low fat, low calorie or with diet in front of it! Why eat disgusting food!!?? Trying to be healthy or lose weight is no excuse for what can only be described as regurgitated puke

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