Artist: Laurent Moreau
Website: zeroendictee

Laurent has a degree in Decorative Arts, from Strasbourg University,
and makes children books, editorial illustrations and graphic design. He also
plays on a rock band and likes polaroids. His work has a central naïve quality
and uses mostly primary and secondary colours, sometimes combined with grey, blending
line work, overprinted colour layers and patterns. People, birds, plants and
trees figure prominently. You’ll find a lot of nice work on the website, including books, posters and sketchbooks.

Laurent Moreau, 30 years old.

I’m an author, illustrator and graphic designer.

I’m a day time worker! Sometimes I’m busy and I have to multi-task, but I prefer to focus on one project!

I live in France, in Strasbourg. I work in a studio with other illustrators.

I tried to do other jobs, but it’s when I draw that I feel better! I like to feel free and independent!

I work almost only with my hands. I paint with gouaches, draw, cut… I use sketchbooks to find and keep ideas. I try to be spontaneous… I write stories for children’s books, make posters and create visual identities too.

Find Laurent Moreau here:
Portfolio: zeroendictee
Ultrabook: laurentmoreau
Studio: larougeporte