A Freak Off!

Artists: Ollie Stone, David Blatch, Alex Woolam
Project: Freak of the week
Websites: www.olliestone.co.uk | davidblatch.com | alexwoollam.com

Roll up Roll up, give in to your intrigue, come feast your eyes on Creaturemag’s wrestling bears, you wont see this anywhere else. We’ve checked with the guys at WWF and they say it’s ok as long as the bears aren’t real. We also checked with WWE and they said “hell yeah, go ahead!” So were in the clear and ready to introduce this weeks contender.

This week Ollie Stone has some competition for his wrestling bears. Two other Creature artists have decided to get all up in his face and create their own Freaks. Literally anything could happen!

Let us first introduce this weeks wrestling bear by Ollie Stone, then we will let you meet the challengers.
Lightning McCoy by Ollie Stone+ Enlarge image

Meet Lighting McCoy, the Bear wrestler who was “afraid of most things”. This little bear seems quite tragic. Poor guy, he’s so afraid that he wet himself. How will he stand up to any form of challenge?

Especially a challenge from Creature’s very own balloon crazed genius, David Blatch. Who has this week decided to step up and attempt to provoke Ollie’s wrestling bears. Either that or his tear-away balloon just got up and walked in himself, we’re not quite sure where the balloon ends and David begins you see!

The Balloon that Broke away…

The Balloon that Broke away - The Original Freak of the week+ Enlarge image

Our balloon doesn’t look like he’s messing around either, he’s looking bad to the bone, like he talks trash and fights dirty. Poor lightning McCoy doesn’t stand a chance.

But wait, I see something on the horizon, a man upon a noble steed. Could it be that a hero has come to save the day. Is it a second challenger? A saviour for poor Lighting McCoy or a bad ass renegade bound to side with our balloon? Or is it just a twat trying to play croquet on a bike! The later methinks.

Croquet Freak - by Alex Woolam+ Enlarge image

This is the third Freak of the week that landed in our inbox this week, by Illustrator and Creature friend, Alex Woolam.

All three of these freaks have been bickering and bashing the hell out of each other behind close doors, It’s a relief to have them out of our inbox and into the big world wide web. Nothing but trouble this lot, especially that damn balloon, he doesn’t know when to stop.

So what happens next? Well perhaps Ollie will guard his ground, maybe he wont stand for balloons and croquet freaks encroaching on his territory. Or maybe he will just say huh!… the more the merrier…! The gauntlet has been thrown down, our Balloon is spitting fighting talk, our croquet freak is riding around like a tit, will our wrestling bears rise to the challenge? We will have to wait and see.

If you would like to join in on Freak of the Week fun then please send in your freaks for us to publish on a Monday. For further info please contact creature@creaturemag.com